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N̶o̶t̶ Faking It

Are these two faking it or not?

Meet Laila, a lonely, self-conscious, beautiful woman who wants to succeed in her real estate career. Laila is convinced that women are only noticed at work when they have a man on their arm so she decides to take a date to a work dinner. The problem is her date cancels at the last minute and Laila questions whether she should go at all.

Feeling defeated she goes to her usual Friday night spot to meet with her best friend Dena, but her day gets even worse when she realizes Dena's brother, Anthony is back in town. Laila and Anthony don't get along at all and Dena wants her best friend to stop fighting with her brother so she has an idea. Anthony should pretend to be Laila's date.

Laila refuses but when Anthony surprisingly agrees to help she reluctantly reconsiders. That's when things begin to heat up. You know what they say. It's a thin line between love and hate. When lines blur and emotions stir it's hard to tell who's pretending, who's faking it, and who's not.

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Step into my world and get lost in my passionate paranormal romance tales.

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