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Growing up in Houston, TX, I was always considered the smart girl in class. Maybe that’s because I always had my nose in a book. While I was book smart, and I made good grades, fiction was always my true love. I liked to lose myself in other cities, schools, adventures, and other worlds. I imagined being a child detective, like Nancy Drew, or an industrious business owner like the girls in The Baby Sitters Club.


As I got older I saw myself as a strong female lead in a sweet romance or even the bad girl/vixen stirring up trouble. That’s the thing I love about a good novel. You can transform into different versions of yourself, see the world differently, and imagine possibilities of a life you didn’t know could exist.


After gaining valuable life experience, I realized that I had a lot to say, and there was a story inside me waiting to come out. I dabbled in poetry and writing diaries, but that didn’t fulfill me. One day I had the crazy idea to write a story. That story would become my first novel, He’s Mine Not Hers. I soon realized that a story was not enough so I kept writing and it hit me that I was writing a book. What started as a story about friendship and unrequited love unfolded and became a story of obsession, love triangles, and secrets. I wanted to tell a story from each character’s perspective so, I decided to do it through chronological emails, which I had never seen before, but it made sense to me, so I just went with it not having any idea what to do with it.


A year later I went to a book festival and Roland Martin was a guest speaker. He talked about self-publishing and selling yourself and your book. He spoke for about thirty minutes, but that thirty minutes was all I needed. That thirty minutes changed my life. I was on a mission to self-publish my book. It was a long, difficult process, because I had no idea what I was doing, but I researched, and through trial and error, tears and frustration, editing and more editing, rewrites and doubt, I built a book by myself. If I could get through that, I could do anything. I got a lot of great feedback and I was proud of the work I did. He’s Mine Not Hers became a hit with readers who saw themselves and people they knew in all the characters, and they were begging for more. I started thinking of what I would do next.


I had some good ideas, but I was uninspired to write them. I would start and stop projects, and I would procrastinate. I didn’t know how to pull myself out of the writing slump. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon some paranormal romance that I felt that spark again. I was awakened. I always like paranormal or sci-fi movies, but I had never thought about reading books. I became intrigued with shifters and alpha males. I had the desire to write a book about a workplace romance, and I tried to imagine my perfect alpha male. What was originally going to be two separate books, turned into my second novel, Alpha Boss, which is a paranormal romance.


Alpha Boss is very special to me, because it made me fall in love with writing again, and was designed for those who don’t normally read paranormal fiction. I was on a mission to create a leading man that women would fall in love with, and a story that was unforgettable.


When I’m not writing, I enjoy immersing myself in culture, visiting museums, theatre, and traveling. For now, I have many more books to write, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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