Building the Alpha Boss

Tall, dark, and handsome. That's a given, but what else does it take to make him your next book boyfriend? Sure we want a man who can grab us and hold us in his strong arms, making us forget about everything else in that tender moment, but good looks can only hold a woman's attention for so long. There were many things that went into creating the perfect alpha boss. Here's a list of the top 10 reasons Preston Jacobs is so irresistible.

1. He made his intentions clear. He knew what he wanted and went for it. Period. The female lead, Samantha, was skeptical because she had never experienced that from a man, but he persisted and was respectful about it. Consent was very important to me. Preston found a sexy way to make sure that he didn't do anything against Samantha's will. He excited her senses and awakened her mind.

2. It didn't hurt that everything out of his mouth was sexy. The quick comebacks that were simple, yet jaw-dropping, left you wanting more. The essence of his words left images in your mind of the things he could do. You could practically hear his deep, raspy voice in your ear. You could feel his presence.

3. He commanded respect, and he was feared. One look could stop someone in their tracks, make them think twice.

4. Although he was serious and brooding, the one thing that made him smile was his mate. She brought out another side of him that warms the readers' hearts.

4. He opened up to his mate. He wanted to show her who he was inside, not just what people saw. It was important to him that she see the man behind the tough exterior.

5. He challenged her. He made her dig deep within herself and discover who she was and what she wanted. He made her look at things differently and she saw where she could improve on her own.

6. He wasn't perfect. Let's just admit that perfect can be boring. In theory we want a man to do everything we want, but in reality, no one is perfect, and those imperfections make the alpha boss more desirable. There were times when he was infuriating, but even though it was against his nature to apologize, he did so when necessary for his mate.

7. He was strong and protective. Being strong doesn't hurt. Preston is muscular, and he knows how to use those muscles whether it was picking Samantha up and carrying her or slamming someone into a wall.

8. He was possessive. Possessive is not always sexy, but when you find a man who knows where the line is, it can be a huge turn on. Preston clearly didn't want anyone touching his mate or occupying her attention. I found it comical how he stopped her from shaking hands with even his best friend. I also found it endearing that in public he would maintain an appropriate amount of contact with her letting everyone know she was his. I understand this one is debatable.

9. He knew when to put his foot down with his mate. Samantha could be immature at times, and when she resorted to the silent treatment or temper tantrums, Preston handled her like a boss. Read the book to see how.

10. He has a heart of gold. He is tough, but he cares about his family, he cares about kids, and he cares about his pack, and that is why Samantha fell for Preston Jacobs, the Alpha Boss.

Bonus: That growl.

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